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The world is waiting for a meeting with Macron - Biden

French President Macron arrived in Washington, visited the headquarters of the US Space Agency (NASA) and had dinner with US President Joe Biden. On December 1, Mr. Macron will attend an official reception at the White House and begin the main contents of The visit.

Emphasis on unity

Mr. Macron is the first head of state to be welcomed by Washington as part of a state visit under the presidency of Mr. Biden. Especially for the head of state. There will be a traditional 21-gun salute - a detail the New York Times described as a sign of the restoration of the long but sometimes strained relationship between the two countries. mentioned earlier, contributed to emphasize the content of "unity" in the meeting between the two leaders country. Although the two have met many times outside of multilateral events, this meeting still attracted special interest from international voices.
Just 1 year ago, France recalled its ambassador His ambassador to Australia and the United States after the two countries and the UK signed an agreement Secure AUKUS. At the time, France said it was "stabbed in the back" by its allies because AUKUS meant Australia's withdrawal from a multi-billion-dollar submarine deal with France and a switch to a deal to buy nuclear submarines from the United States. But now, the war in Ukraine and many changes in international geography have Force the two countries to come closer and find new ways to cooperate. Like other European countries, the French president will focus on reviewing the transatlantic strategy to meet today's new challenges.

Public and private affairs

In 2018, Mr. Macron was also the first person to be welcomed by US President Donald Trump during his official visit.
That detail is the "positive point" of Mr. Macron in a leading role, a politician. which is dynamic in international relations. This time, he is not only coming to America to improve French-American relations. , if he is also an "ambassador". Create a huge domestic pressure on France and Europe. Europe wants to end the war soon, while the United States sends a signal that whether or not the war will end depends on Ukraine's decision.
Pressure on energy prices, cost of living, aid to Ukraine, the competition between the United States and China... all of them have caused the popularity of the ruling party in Europe to decrease, even leading to the change of the government of Great Britain and Italy. At the age of 44, he is the longest-serving European leader.
In other words, the outcome of Mr. Macron's trip will help determine the current overall strategy of the United States to ensure the interests of both the United States and not to the disadvantage of European allies.
The center of The meeting between Mr. Macron and Mr. Biden on December 1 will be the draft law on reducing inflation (IRA). 430 billion USD approved by the US Congress last August. Companies related to climate and sustainability.
But for Europe, this is an expression of trade protectionism, which can harm European companies operating in similar areas in the United States such as electric vehicles, batteries and clean energy. Tensions over the IRA have raised concerns among observers of a transatlantic "trade war" if Europe will retaliate.
The second issue is Macron's question of how the United States approaches hot spots such as relations with Russia (energy prices) and China. Europe does not want to be drawn into the competition between America and China, and wants to maintain economic cooperation with China. to solve the current difficulties.
At the same time, the US policy towards China will produce results. Reflecting the environment of cooperation of France and Europe in general. German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz was criticized by US policy makers after his visit to China in early November.
This will be an opportunity for Mr. Macron to find common ground with America before Will visit China early next year.

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