Volcano erupts, Indonesia issues highest warning

Mount Semeru in Indonesia's East Java province has erupted, prompting officials to raise their alert to the highest level.

The Indonesian Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said that Semeru volcano, about 640 kilometers east of the capital Jakarta, erupted at 2:46 am today. Mount Semeru has a height of 3,676 meters, which is the highest mountain in the island of Java. Raise the alert level of Semeru volcanic activity from level 3 to the highest level 4. PVMBG spokesperson Hendra Gunawan said that this shows the dangers that threaten human settlements and activities of The volcano has increased.
Villagers have been warned not to carry out any activity within 8 kilometers of the center of the Semeru eruption. Local official Thoriqul Haq said that the process of evacuating people living near the volcano has begun. It's early.
Bayu local volunteer Deny Alfianto said, "Most of the entrances to the mountain have been closed since this morning. The rain and volcanic ash blocked the view of the mountain", said Mr. Bayu Deny Alfianto, small explosions continued to take place. It is not yet clear whether the explosion caused any injuries or not.
The explosion This caused an earthquake in the western part of Java Island, including causing many deaths. More than 300 people last month.
With 142 volcanoes spread throughout the country, Indonesia is the country with the most population near volcanoes in the world, with 8.6 million people living within 10 kilometers of the volcano.

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