All monks at a Thai temple tested positive for drugs

The four monks at a temple in the central part of Thailand were taken by the police for treatment after they were found to be in possession of drugs.

Bounmeek Thepthida said on November 29: "These monks, including the rector, were found to be intoxicated after being tested in Buang Samphan, Phetsboun province," Bounmeek Thepthida said on November 29.
Thai police raided the temple as part of a crackdown on drugs in Phetsboun province, forcing all the monks here to undergo urine and urine tests. , making the temple empty.
Mr. Thitapthai added: "There are no monks left in this temple and the nearby villagers are afraid that this will prevent them from offering sacrifices," Mr. Thitapthai added. There are other monks who have been invited to the temple so that the villagers can continue to perform religious ceremonies.
In November, monk Phra Annipalo, 34 years old, from the north of Thailand was arrested after stealing two cars and fleeing from the police. This man faces up to 3 years in prison for car theft and may receive additional sentences. Another under the anti-narcotics law of Thailand, for detecting narcotics.
According to the Narcotics Office and the crimes of the United Nations, drug traffickers use Thailand as a place to transport goods from the state Shan of Myanmar in the Golden Triangle. Authorities across Southeast Asia have made record drug seizures in recent years. Recently.

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