Figo Company be the quality partner of many famous brand all over the world,

FIGO is trusted by multinational corporations in the world such as: Safecap Investments Ltd, Step By Step Services Limited, Fivecircles Limited, Gopartner, Gonnaflex Limited,… to cooperate to build and develop the brand.

• Mission: To be a bridge to help customers approach each other and brands in the market.

• Brand Building: Bringing brands to reach and build quality trust to clients.

• Communication: Provide information and support strategies to customers about the market


– Dynamic

– Confident

– Creative

– Stylistic

2. History and development of the CFD market.

CFD (Contract For Difference)

This is a contract between a buyer and a seller for the difference between the purchase and sale price of a certain item. CFDs have been very popular since the 1850s and are now available in most countries.

Since its inception, the CFD market has only been available to financiers, central banks, and investment funds.

According to the general trend, CFDs are spreading more and more and Brokers translate their websites into many languages. When the internet developed, investors in Vietnam discovered that this was a potential market with great profitability, little capital, and high liquidity, so they registered and learned about the market. The number of investors interested in the market is increasing, Brokers consider Vietnam to be a good environment for brand development.

As mindfulness of company, FIGO has developed a BRANDING business model that brings the CFD market closer to investors.